Following the successful implementation of ALSTEC’s BagNav system into Vancouver, we have received an order for the design, supply and commissioning of a BagNav Sort Allocation Computer (SAC) system as part of a prestigious baggage handling contract for Emirates Airlines. The baggage handling system is dedicated for the Emirates crew members in their new headquarters building in Dubai.

The concept was designed by ADPi (Aéroports de Paris International) who are acting on behalf of Emirates as the engineering consultants in charge of the design, installation and operations.

ALSTEC’s contract is for a BagNav SAC system to manage and control the Baggage Handling System (BHS) that is being implemented specifically to cater for Emirates crew members’ bags.

The SAC system is based on ALSTEC’s BagNav sort allocation technology. The standard BagNav product will be configured to meet the requirements of the Dubai Emirates project.

The purpose of the SAC is to provide a means of automatically generating the correct destinations for each bag that is transported by the Baggage Handling System. This includes responsibility for both arrivals and departures baggage, and includes delivering departures baggage to appropriate interim destinations such as Hold Baggage Screening (HBS) or the EBS, when appropriate, before delivery to the final chute. The SAC automatically routes the bags dependant on the security status of the luggage and ensures that only bags that have passed the stringent x-ray requirements are delivered for loading onto the aircraft.

ALSTEC have also been working very closely with ALSTEF Automation SA in generating a simulation model of the system to prove that the design will meet the required throughput and storage capacity.