Cyclone Technology announced it has manufactured a new hard surface cleaning machine, the SK2.

The new model is an update from the SK and will allow for increased productivity by its users.

With a dual water pump configuration and a second diesel-fired burner, multiple operators can use both the wand and the walk behind unit simultaneously. Additionally, the water tanks have been increased from 420gal to 550gal, an over 100gal upgrade from the original model.

This product was driven by customer feedback to provide a more efficient cleaning machine that will allow them to use all the options at once. Cyclone Technology clients, such as contract cleaners, airports, cities and universities, have a need to clean surfaces and walkways in a timely manner and this new system will allow them to do just that.

The first SK2 is set to be rolled out by 1 July but Cyclone Technology is currently taking orders. This machine is ideal for large concrete areas such as city or business sidewalks, gas stations and airport ramps and walkways.

Founded in 1993, Cyclone Technology is a leader in hard surface cleaning equipment from low to ultra-high pressure. Its patented Cyclone head cleans and recovers water with no internal or external vacuum needed, making their products faster, greener and cleaner.