Aerosweep’s widely acclaimed ultimate foreign object debris (FOD) sweeper, FOD*BOSS has received testimonials from operators from Australia and around the world.

The US Air Force 379th Expeditionary Maint Group, Al-Udeid, Qatar said: “We just received 14 new FOD*BOSS’s and everything is going great. Our WING produced 6892 Sorties and we flew 30,0047 flying hours and we did all of this without losing one Sortie (Aircraft) to FOD. The product truly played an important part in the WAR and this WING. I want to thank you for what you have and continue to do for the air force FOD programme.”

Fedex, Oakland USA said: “We are thrilled that The FOD*BOSS has lived up to its reputation.”

Chief of maintenance, Dryden Flight Research Centre NASA, US said: “The FOD*BOSS so far has picked up more than the ramp vacuum sweeper as evidenced by boxes of material collected on the dryden flight line. Two boxes of debris, including rivets, paper clips and safety wire were collected. It’s less expensive and easier to operate than the alternative mechanical sweeper.”

Mildura Rural City Council, Australia said: “We were one of the first Airports in the world to own and operate a FOD*BOSS. It has exceptional pick-up ability, collecting debris from the grooves and sand from the runway.

The Australian International Airshow said: “The FOD*BOSS was in constant use on tarmac areas used by military and warbird jet aircraft for engine starts, launching and recovery. All jet operators commented favourably on the high standard of FOD control that was achieved with the FOD*BOSS.”

Aviation Safety Foundation, Australia said: “The FOD*BOSS Sweeper has provided airports an affordable FOD control tool. Aviation Safety Foundation, Australia considers this effective and cost effective FOD control initiative by Aerosweep has reduced foreign object damage on a major scale and is a worthy recipient of a certificate of Air Safety.”

Barksdale AFB, Louisiana US said: “We tested The FOD*BOSS on Friday. This thing is unreal. Picks up everything.”

The Boeing Company, Commercial Division said: “The FOD*BOSS demonstrations went very well on Friday. A total of three were held. All individuals who observed this product agreed that it would play a key role in keeping the facilities clean and FOD free. Very impressive.”

Oregon Air National Guard, US said: “Our FOD*BOSS arrived just prior to Christmas and what a Christmas present it was. We are delighted with it. See the attached photos of the first time we used it. This was after a FOD walk had been performed, all of this had been missed.”

Head of airfield maintenance, international airport, Zurich, Switzerland said: “The international airport of Zurich have been using the FOD*BOSS for more than three years. Its operation is an important part of our FOD control concept and is regularly and successfully put into operation jointly with our suction-type airport sweepers on the apron and parking areas.”