The FOD*BOSS is supplied with a guarantee of being the most effective airfield sweeper available for the duration of its service life. The guarantee applies under the stated conditions.

If any equipment manufactured and sold by us is found to have any fault, which in our opinion is due to faulty labour or materials in manufacture and precludes reasonable service being obtained by the purchaser, or is accidentally damaged by the purchaser, then provided we are advised within 30 days of the development of the alleged fault with the product serial number, we will either:

  • Repair the equipment free of charge.
  • Supply parts or materials for the purchaser to repair.
  • Make an allowance to the purchaser as we consider reasonable by way of reduction in the then current price for new, reconditioned or replacement equipment as is appropriate after taking into account rendered by the equipment in question. The faulty equipment so replaced shall become our property and no cash refund will be made.

The guarantee only applies to a fault in the equipment caused by faulty labour or materials in the manufacture and/or equipment damaged accidentally by the purchaser and does not extend to equipment altered or repaired in any way other than through Aerosweep Pty Ltd, or equipment purchased second-hand.