The FOD*BOSS is a lost-cost high-efficiency, compact and portable solution that easily removes airport runway foreign object debris (FOD) in wet or dry conditions.

High efficiency

This extraordinary patented runway sweeper is the only equipment designed exclusively for collecting FOD.

Debris such as nuts, bolts, pavement fragments, washers, rivets, stones, sand, and gravel can be collected simply and inexpensively with an optimal efficiency and a pick-up rate unmatched by any other sweeper.

Easy to use

The FOD* BOSS can be easily towed by any motorised vehicle and is perfectly suited for single person use.

No special licenses or skills are required. At low speeds using a compact tow vehicle, it can be used with complete safety around parked aircraft, even up close.

Compact and portable

The complete FOD sweeper unit, which is totally maintenance free, folds into a roller storage bag that measures 2.5m-long by 300mm in diameter.

The FOD* BOSS can be transported easily and rapidly to the site of the issue, ensuring minimum delay to aircraft operations.

Wet or dry conditions

The system adjusts automatically as it wears, ensuring constant FOD collection.

The FOD*BOSS is a truly remarkable speed sweeping system. It can cover up to 120,000m² per hour in the wet or dry. That’s quick enough to sweep a whole runway in 30 minutes.

Low cost

Affordable for all airports and airfields, allowing access to the same level of FOD control implemented by category A airports, without the high capital and service costs of complex machinery.

The FOD*BOSS is truly the most effective and affordable sweeper on the market and guaranteed for up to 10 years.

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