In January 2021, Tolmachevo Airport has served 398,950 passengers (-24%). The amount of passengers on domestic flights was 375,221 (+5.9%), on international flights, 23,729 (-86.1%).

The most dynamic destinations in January compared to the same period last year on domestic airlines were as follows: Ufa (+91.4%), Blagoveshchensk (+56.2%), Voronezh (+50.3%), Bratsk (+46.6%), Kazan (+38.4%), Noyabrsk (+36.9%), Kemerovo (+36.2%), Abakan (+33.8%), Magnitogorsk (+33.7%), Novy Urengoy (+30.1%), Ulyanovsk (+24.6%), Norilsk (+22.9%) and Irkutsk (+20.1%).

In addition, passenger traffic on the route Novosibirsk-St Petersburg has increased by 19%. The dynamics of the passenger traffic on the routes of the south-western regions of Russia amounted to +77.2%, with the highest values shown by Anapa (+182.6%), Sochi (+154.3%) and Krasnodar (+44.1%).

We would like to remind you that since 7 January, S7 Airlines has started operating weekly direct flights from Novosibirsk to Makhachkala. In January, flights opened in 2020 to new destinations in Grozny, Volgograd, Orenburg, Nizhnekamsk, Ulyanovsk, Magnitogorsk, Kemerovo, and Barnaul were also continued. Also in January, regular flights opened in the winter schedule to international destinations in Antalya, Dubai, Bangkok, and charter flights to the island of Zanzibar, have been continued. Special charter cargo and passenger flights to Bishkek and Osh are operated on the CIS destinations.

The number of airport transfer passengers in January has decreased by 9.3% compared to the same period last year. Their share in the total passenger traffic was 28.3%.

During the first month of 2021, the airport has served 2,495 flights (-4.2% compared to the same period of the last year).

Since the beginning of 2021, the cargo traffic has amounted to 2,166t (+2.4%).

In 2021, the airport is expected to further develop its route network and open regular flights to new destinations such as Kaliningrad and Gelendzhik.