The Federal Target Investment Program of Russia (FTIP), published on the website of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, confirmed budget allocations for the project of the Tolmachevo Airport’s complex reconstruction.

The project of Novosibirsk (Tolmachevo) airfield reconstruction was developed by FSUE GPI and NII GA ‘Aeroproject’ and it received positive conclusion of FAE RF Glavgosekspertiza in 2015.

The project includes the development of the runway-2 manoeuvring area with the construction of connecting taxiways, apron, its equipping with the system of centralised aircraft refuelling, as well as the construction of other airfield infrastructure facilities in order to increase the handling capacity of Tolmachevo airfield.

The need to renovate Tolmachevo airfield is caused by the intensive growth of passenger and cargo traffic, associated with the development of the airport as one of the largest passenger and cargo transfer hubs beyond the Urals on important routes connecting Europe and Asia.

In 2018, passenger traffic amounted to 5.9 million people, of which approximately 1.3 million are transfer passengers. Maintaining the strategy of the connecting hub development will provide an opportunity to further increase passenger and freight traffic.