First stage of construction

At present time, one of the key stages of the project – the construction of the pile field and foundation is at the completion stage.

The construction is being carried out ahead of schedule, the total construction readiness is about 5%.

It is also important to note the fundamental coordination of such technological solutions as telescopic ladders and luggage system.

The process of purchasing equipment should start in the near future.

“We are pleased with the progress of the project. It was a great achievement that it was possible to start the installation of load-bearing structures above the floor mark 17 days ahead of schedule. We would like to note that the general contractor is making every possible effort to get ahead of the approved construction schedule. Thanks to the productive interaction of the services of the technical customer, the general contractor and the developer, this result has been achieved,” commented Yuri Panov, project manager at Spectrum Group.

“In the conditions of the severe Siberian winter, in order not to reduce the indicators for the current status of the construction of the facility, ANT YAPI LLC will continue to work as usual (7 days a week / 24 hours a day),” said the regional Director of ANT YAPI LLC Nevzat Tanriseven. “Taking into account the interaction with the Customer (JSC Airport Tolmachevo ) and the Technical Customer (Spectrum GC), we will make every effort to put the facility into operation earlier than planned.”