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Video feature: baggage handling – smooth operations at Dubai International

The process of manoeuvring luggage from the check-in point to the carousel has never been smoother, thanks to new tracking and transfer technologies. Dubai International Airport’s Terminal 3 has the largest baggage handling system in the world and is setting the standard for smart security and speedy loading.

Rise of the holograms: the next generation of airport employees

It sounds like the stuff of science fiction, but avatars really are being employed as airport staff. These 3D, life-size holograms provide instructions, give directions and even advertise products. But will they replace real workers?

The EU has landed: new proposals for airport slots

New legislation for landing slot allocation at European airports has been put forward by the EU. But, what does the industry think about the bill? Sarah Blackman attended a London round-table meeting, hosted by the House of Lords, to gather some perspectives.

London Heathrow tops off Terminal 2

London Heathrow Airport has completed the structural work of its new Terminal 2, BAA announced today at a topping out ceremony.