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Are Israel’s airports poised for growth?

After years of delays, Israel’s new Ramon International Airport is set to begin operations in the southern resort town of Eilat. The government says it will soon attract one million foreign visitors to the region per year, but critics worry it will become an expensive “white elephant” instead. Patrick Kingsland explores the debate.

Airbus’s foray into the air traffic management of the future

Airbus’s Silicon Valley outpost, A³, has launched Altiscope, a project to help fundamentally redefine air traffic management and prepare the skies for many different types of vehicles, from delivery to air taxis.

No more near misses: drone detection at airports

A US-based company has partnered with the European aeronautical giant Airbus to produce a new, integrated drone detection and jamming system in a bid to prevent unwanted, and potentially dangerous, intrusions into airport airspace. After a spate of near-misses, can these partnerships can help improve security in the industry? Patrick Kingsland finds out.