Denmark’s Aarhus Airport has signed a new cooperation agreement with Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) to establish a large number of new routes to European cities.  

Focused mainly on benefitting business and leisure passengers, the new services will help the airport’s traffic to increase by more than 50%. 

Aarhus Airport board member Torben Boldsen said: “Business in and around Aarhus require frequent departures to Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo and to meet these demands SAS is an extremely, strong player. 

“We are facing an increase of airport traffic in excess of 50%, and the new agreement, therefore, has great significance not only for Aarhus Airport but also the business industry and habitants of Eastern Jutland.”

"We are facing an increase of airport traffic in excess of 50%."

Aarhus Mayor Jacob Bundsgaard said that the collaboration will not only benefit the airport, but also be an advantage for the city. 

SAS executive vice-president Lars Sandahl Sørensen said: “We have acted on the consumers’ wishes, as well as Aarhus and Eastern Jutland’s vision to expand and invest independently.

“We see it as our responsibility to strengthen the logistical link between east and west Denmark, and to make the world more available for Jutland. Also, Aarhus is increasingly attractive for many foreign companies, not least with regards to the tourist industry, and we therefore believe, the city has great potential.”

The new routes by the airline from Aarhus Airport are slated to be announced in October.  

Image: Aarhus Airport has signed a cooperation agreement with SAS about the establishment of a large number of international and national routes to and from Aarhus. Photo: courtesy of Aarhus Airport.