Global technology and consulting firm Indra has been selected by Danish air navigation service provider, NAVIAIR, to supply radar systems for Billund International Airport in order to improve air traffic surveillance and safety.

As per the deal, Indra will install a primary radar co-mounted with enhanced mode S secondary surveillance radar in order to support activities such as en-route, approach and landing maneuvers.

Installation of the new radar systems will improve safety and increase traffic capacity  at the airport.

The primary radar system will detect all aircraft within the airport radius, while the secondary radar will provide precise identification data for air traffic controllers.

"The primary radar system will detect all aircraft within the airport radius, while the secondary radar will provide precise identification data for air traffic controllers."

The inclusion of mode S will offer a clear picture of the airspace, which will eliminate the need for controllers to communicate with pilots via radio, reducing their workload.

Additionally, mode S will help identify potential conflicts on various flight paths to avoid traffic congestion and delays.

The radars have been designed to perform in adverse weather conditions, as well as address issues caused by wind energy turbines.

Under the terms of the contract, Indra has the option to provide support and repair services for the next ten years.