King hussein airport

The United Nation’s International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is investigating a complaint filed by the Jordan Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission (CARC) against the construction of Timna airport in Israel.

Located near Jordan’s southern borders, the airport is likely to pose safety issues to the aircraft using the nearby King Hussein international airport in Aqaba, Jordon authorities contended.

The CARC complained that the airport is not compliant with the 1944 Convention on International Civil Aviation and specified public safety requirements to be followed for new airport constructions.

"We are in touch with relevant international organisations on this matter."

Besides being near to the Jordanian resort town, the airport shares its name with another airport in the Arab country. This is likely to cause communication problems regarding aircraft arrivals and departures.

CARC chief commissioner Gabriel Sivzattian was quoted by Petra news agency as saying: "We are in touch with relevant international organisations on this matter.

"Our primary goal is to ensure that Jordanian sovereignty is not breached and maintain security and safety of aviation in our airspace."

Jordan signed a peace agreement with Israel in 1994, which included multiple proposals for economic and infrastructure projects.

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One of the deals, which provided for a jointly operated airport, was dropped after Israel started construction of the Timna airport in 2013, the Albawaba reported.

Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission head Mohammad Amin al-Quran previously said: "Based on the details we have, the plan does not meet international standards. The distance between the Jordanian international airport in Aqaba and the airport that Israel wants to build is insufficient, and this could endanger planes and passengers on both sides."

Image: Jordan has complained that Timna Airport is being developed very close to King Hussein international airport in Aqaba. Photo: courtesy of M7madameenwik.