The Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority (ICAA) has awarded an exclusive contract for the delivery of ground handling, cargo and fuelling services at Baghdad International Airport to MASIL, a Menzies Aviation joint venture (JV).

Apart from Menzies, the JV also involves Iraqi Airways, Air BP Limited, and Al Burhan Group.

Scotland-based Menzies Aviation stated that this is the first time such a licence has been awarded to a foreign aviation services corporation by the ICAA.

The company also noted that Iraq is striving to grow and develop its aviation industry, with strategies to upgrade key infrastructure and services at Baghdad International Airport.

Baghdad International Airport currently manages all aircraft activities for airlines such as Iraqi Airways, Fly Baghdad, Qatar Airways, Emirates and Turkish Airlines.

Under the JV, all partners will work together for the improvement of customer experience and safety standards at the airport.

The partners will also prepare Iraqi nationals to take on important positions.

Menzies Aviation Middle East, Asia and Africa executive vice-president Charles Wyley said: “We are pleased to have been awarded the exclusive contract at Baghdad International Airport and we look forward to supporting the development of Iraq’s world-class operating procedures and training schemes.

“Menzies provides passenger, ramp and cargo services at over 200 airports globally and we’re excited to share our unparalleled experience to help build knowledge and competence within the workforce in Baghdad.”