Outsight, a software company based in San Francisco and Paris, that develops tracking solutions using 3D LiDAR data, has won an award in the Innovation category in the 2024 Airport Technology Excellence Awards for its SHIFT platform, which enhances passenger tracking and curbside monitoring at airports.

The SHIFT platform utilises light detection and ranging (LiDAR) technology to provide spatial intelligence. It processes raw 3D data in real-time, presenting actionable insights through a user-friendly dashboard or an API. The real-time alerts and aggregated data capabilities offered by the platform allow airport operators to respond swiftly to unexpected events and understand long-term trends.

The software’s robust performance is underpinned by a scalable architecture that allows for high coverage while maintaining low operational costs.

A new dimension in curbside and parking monitoring

Curbside tracking in SHIFT

SHIFT’s spatial analytics operate on an airport-wide scale, monitoring thousands of individuals concurrently, each with a unique tracking ID. The software captures each traveller’s movements and interactions with airport assets continuously, accurately, and anonymously. This allows for the measurement of critical factors such as passenger patterns, density, waiting times, and asset utilisation.

Vehicle tracking and parking monitoring in SHIFT

Apart from providing real-time alerts for overstays and vehicle distance management, the software determines vehicle speeds, helping to enhance the management of these critical airport areas.

The software’s ability to define custom metrics for specific zones of interest provides granular data that can be used to improve operations and predict passenger behaviour. Its level of detail and precision surpasses the capabilities of wireless or 2D sensors, such as cameras, and privacy is ensured as laser light does not recognise individuals.

The three components of the SHIFT platform

The SHIFT platform comprises three main components: SHIFT Perception, SHIFT Analytics, and SHIFT API. These components work in tandem to transform raw LiDAR data into actionable insights.

SHIFT Perception software is responsible for object detection and unique ID tracking, while SHIFT Analytics converts this data into business KPIs such as waiting times, queue detection, and individual journeys. The SHIFT API allows integrators to access object-level or KPI data, which can be used to build custom Spatial AI solutions.

This integration capability ensures that the software can be adapted to a wide range of operational needs, from passenger flow monitoring to curbside and parking management.


KPIs in Outsight's SHIFT platform

Key performance indicators are central to SHIFT’s functionality. These include people counting and waiting times, flow monitoring, and resource usage. These KPIs enable airport operators to gain insights into the efficiency and effectiveness of resource allocation and to optimise space utilisation and asset deployment.

The software’s ability to compute new KPIs based on historical recordings offers a comprehensive view of both individual and aggregated data, facilitating informed decision-making.

Professional software with proven results

The SHIFT software is built by specialists, ensuring data reliability, scalability, and ease of use. Third-party audits have confirmed up to 99% accuracy in critical metrics. This level of precision is essential for applications where accurate people and vehicle counting, dwell time measurements, and real-time alerts are crucial for maintaining operational flow and security.

The software’s flexibility allows for the integration of various LiDAR sensors and processing hardware, and its robustness is evidenced by a supervision layer that detects and adapts to hardware failures.

Benefits for airport operations

SHIFT by Outsight

Outsight’s LiDAR-based solution enhances efficiency, security, and passenger experience for airport operations.

Airports can achieve operational excellence by managing increased traffic with the same or fewer resources, leading to better allocation and optimal staffing. The technology also enhances the passenger experience by reducing bottlenecks and wait times, thus potentially increasing retail time and reducing missed flights.

From a security standpoint, the software aids in risk management, including unauthorised access and overcrowding control. Additionally, the insights gained from LiDAR data support accurate infrastructure planning and investment decisions.

As the aviation industry continues to seek improvements in efficiency, security, and passenger experience, innovative solutions such as SHIFT are poised to become integral components of airport infrastructure.

“This award signifies not just Outsight’s achievements and leadership recognition but also marks LiDAR’s evolution into a mature technology, now deployed at scale in major international airports. LiDAR is emerging as the third generation of people and vehicle monitoring technology, succeeding the adoption of the 2nd generation, stereo-vision cameras, that was developed more than a decade ago. Once again, airports are leading the way with the latest technology towards more efficient operations, enhanced passenger experiences, and elevated safety standards.” – Raul Bravo, President and founder of Outsight.

Company Profile

Outsight company logo

Across airport terminals, from curb to gate, Outsight’s Spatial AI Software Platform harnesses the unique capabilities of 3D LiDAR data for uninterrupted and anonymous passenger tracking, real-time queue monitoring, and curbside activity monitoring.

This accurate data empowers Airport Operators to visualise passenger flow, measure waiting times, and enhance terminal operations, ultimately elevating the passenger experience, strengthening security measures, and improving safety.

Our international team of scientists and engineers drive the development of our solutions from Paris, San Francisco, and Sophia-Antipolis (Nice). To support our global outreach, we also operate commercial offices in the UK, Belgium, Spain, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

We believe that accelerating the adoption of Spatial Intelligence technology will significantly contribute to making the world smarter, safer, and more sustainable.

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