UK and Dubai-based Jewers Doors delivers world renowned door solutions for all airside requirements.

It recently completed four sets of highly specialised contour doors for Airbus to suit its two models of Beluga Transporter aircraft, the ST and the most recent addition, the XL.

The complex bulbous shape of the Beluga’s fuselage (hence the aircraft’s name) required special doors to achieve an environmental seal around the aircraft while off-loading its cargo. Each main door is fitted with two different contour doors, to suit the aircraft type.

Jewers Doors was one of the first companies to introduce contoured hangar doors. The doors can be designed to suit any aircraft type, either nose in or tail into a hangar. This new development in hangar door technology has allowed operators to increase productivity significantly.

The doors are fitted with multiple safety features via similar controls to Jewers Doors’ Esavian aircraft hangar doors. With our contour doors already installed for A320, B737, C17, A400M and Beluga ST/XL in the UK, France, Germany and Bulgaria, Jewers Doors expects further orders for its range of contour doors from around the world.

Jewers Doors will exhibit in booth 4842 at MRO Americas in Atlanta 9 to 11 April 2019.