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Aviation Graphix Opens New Facility in Austria

Aviation Graphix is delighted to announce the opening of its new European-based facility.

The company opened the doors at the new facility in Austria, with close cooperation from AMES.

The development, located at Grazerstrasse 13 A-8120, Peggau, will enable the company to fully support the AMES operation on-site and develop its European client base.

With cutting-edge equipment, Aviation Graphix is well placed to provide its full range of aircraft signage and placarding solutions, as well as exterior paint masks and large scale exterior images.

Aviation Graphix development officer Mr Ross Whyatt, who heads the new operation, is adept at providing airlines, MROs and lease companies with interior and external dual language kits in a range of languages.

The company’s turnaround times are second-to-none and it fully supports the documentation needs of all standards certification requirements.

Aviation Graphix is looking forward to further supporting existing clients and the opportunity to increase its European client base.

Mr Whyatt can be contacted on 00 43 676 7834516 or by email at:

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