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The UK’s crowded skies: change afoot?

An interesting few days for the UK’s aviation sector it has been indeed. Last week, NATS announced that the 21st July was to be the busiest day in UK aviation history. At the same time, the government has launched a consultation paper to shape the future of the sector to 2050 and beyond.

Finding new sources of biofuel to power the world’s aeroplanes

The race is on to find cheaper and cleaner sources of fuel to power aeroplanes. From grass to kitchen oil, new sources for biofuels are being tested to see if they can ultimately replace the highly pollutant and expensive jet fuel currently dominating the market.

Privatising Canada’s airports – part two: ‘the time is right for change’

The possibility of Canada’s biggest airports being put into the hands of for-profit companies has stirred plenty of debate in the region. Some believe the time is right for change, and argue that the country’s aviation sector is in need of reform.

Privatising Canada’s airports – part one: ‘unnecessary and ill-timed’

According to a recent poll, a majority of Canadians do not support potential plans to put for-profit companies in charge of some of the country’s biggest airports. Their misgivings about changing the current model are backed by some of the airports at the heart of the proposal.

Working towards a cleaner sky

The Clean Sky Joint Undertaking is one of the largest European research programmes, developing new technologies to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and noise produced by aircraft.

The world’s most customer-friendly airports

The Airports Council International has revealed the latest results of its annual Airport Service Quality Awards, recognising the world’s most customer-friendly airports, based on 600,000 passenger surveys around the world.

Giving a voice to the UK’s regional airports

The UK’s regional airports are fundamental to the economy; aviation is about more than just London and Heathrow. That was the message that came loud and clear from industry reps in Birmingham.

Turbulence ahead: debating noise levels for an expanded Heathrow

Opponents of a third runway at Heathrow are adamant that the airport cannot expand and at the same time meet limits on pollution. It is, they claim, disingenuous to state otherwise – expansion, in their eyes, means worsening air quality and more noise.

Southend Airport: 2017 as a stepping stone

Southend Airport, London’s smallest air hub, is set to open twelve new European routes in May, introducing flights to Milan, Prague, Venice and other premier destinations on the continent.

Robotic detection: a new approach for airport security?

A San Diego State University professor has developed a robotic kiosk that could help detect travellers with hostile intentions. Could this be the next wave of airport security?