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Storm warning: airports adapt to a changing climate

As a changing climate continues to barrage airports and airlines with challenging conditions, efforts to adapt to future climate risks are more urgent than ever. What threat do the world’s increasingly chaotic weather conditions pose to global aviation, and how is the industry responding?

Vision-Box Q&A: contactless travel in the age of Covid

The Covid-19 pandemic has shone a spotlight on the value of digital, contactless technologies for passenger processing at airports. Mitul Ruparelia of digital identification technology provider Vision-Box discusses the pandemic’s impact on commercial aviation, and how technology could accelerate the road to recovery.

Climate change: airport expansion projects create bitter divides in architecture

A stark division has emerged among architects over whether to continue working on airport design projects, given the aviation sector’s emissions. What role does aviation play in the global clean energy transition, and are studios wrong to work on schemes that will expand airports’ global carbon footprint?

Reasons to be cheerful: 4 – Berlin Brandenburg brings cheer to Europe

It’s no secret that 2020 has been a dark time for many airports, but are there reasons to be cheerful ahead of next year? In the final part of our series, Airport Industry Review writer Chris Lo talks about the silver linings from a difficult year and asks: what might the future hold?

Open architecture: a new vision for airport security

Airport operators, regulators and government departments from around the world have come together to promote open-architecture airport security in a joint whitepaper. What does open architecture mean in the context of airport security, and how can it be achieved without jeopardising passenger safety or sensitive data?

Airport slot suspensions: easing the pressure for ailing airlines amid Covid-19

Aviation regulators around the world have introduced waivers for airport slot allocation systems, allowing airlines to cancel unnecessary flights without risking their precious slot real estate. How have these relief measures been rolled out around the world, and for how long might they be needed?

Scrubbing up: airport hand hygiene could slow pandemics

A study published in December 2019 has revealed the benefits of improved hand-washing practices at airports when it comes to slowing the spread of disease. Amid the unfolding Covid-19 crisis, what role could enhanced hand hygiene at airports play in reducing the number of new cases in the early days of an outbreak?

Covid-19: airports worldwide are feeling the strain

Three months in, the global outbreak of Covid-19 is already causing havoc for the world’s airports and airlines. With the surge of new cases in Asia, Europe, the US and elsewhere, what are the biggest impacts being felt by the commercial aviation sector so far?

Liberating liquids: CT tech drives airport security investment

CT scanners have been used at airports to screen checked baggage for years, but new improvements are seeing these advanced systems introduced to airport security checkpoints. How is the sector’s investment in CT technology progressing, and what benefits is it bringing to security lines?

High flyers: legal cannabis creates grey area for US airports

As US states continue to legalise cannabis for medical and recreational use, an awkward tangle of conflicting state and federal laws is proving confusing for airport passengers. What have been the unintended consequences of cannabis’s uncertain legal status in the US, and how have airports been affected?