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Jersey Airport looks toward hydrogen power

Ports of Jersey is leading the way for regional services with the ambitious aim of introducing hydrogen-powered flight

How have sanctions against Russia impacted aviation?

As the clouds of Western sanctions against Russia gather, their impact on the aviation industry are weighty

Will airline start-ups rise from the ashes left by Covid-19?

The global pandemic has grounded the aviation industry for months. But as vaccines roll out and our ability to tackle the virus grows, start-up airlines could be set to fill the gaps others have left behind. We talk to start-up airlines about their hopes and the risks they face.

Navigating risk in the aircraft leasing market

The benefits of leasing aircraft are clear, particularly for cash-strapped airlines; but it comes with its risks too. We find out how those risks can be managed and what role insurance plays in such a complex marketplace.

Space-based ADS-B: what is the potential for US air traffic management?

A little more than a century after the first-ever machine-powered flight, it seems the next big aviation innovation may come from beyond the sky. We talk with Aireon CEO Don Thorma about how transformative space-based ADS-B is proving to be in airspace management.

Q&A: will public-private partnerships improve US airports?

North American airports have been criticised by some passengers for poor customer service, badly designed facilities and general traveller woe, but all that could be set to change. We speak with Kjell Kloosterziel, director of Schiphol International at Royal Schiphol Group, about a partnership it has embarked on that it hopes could transform the landscape forever.

Inside Skytrax’s new Covid-19 safety rating for airports

In December 2020, Istanbul Airport became the fourth airport in the world to achieve the ‘5-Star Covid-19 Airport’ certification awarded by Skytrax, behind Rome Fiumicino Airport, Doha’s Hamad International Airport and Bogota El Dorado International Airport. We spoke to Skytrax CEO Edward Plaisted about the steps airports should be taking to keep passengers safe.

How 3D visualisation technology could help solve airspace challenges

Crowded skies and the mounting pressures on those entrusted to keep them operational and safe have been a cause for concern for ages. We spoke to St Pölten UAS researcher Gernot Rottermanner and Fraunhofer Austria Research GmbH senior researcher Volker Settgast about a new prototype they have developed to help visualise airspace more easily.

Remote ATC towers: why not everyone is on board

While some industry stakeholders support moving air traffic control to a remote location, others are more sceptical of the idea. Here is a look at the potential of remote air traffic control towers and the thorny issues that come with them.

Solar power: the future of airport infrastructure

As energy demand continues to grow around the world, some airport operators have turned their attention skyward, and not to view the aircraft leaving and arriving. We take a look at how solar power is fast becoming the next big thing in airport infrastructure.