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Alex Blair is a UK-based reporter for GlobalData Media. He has worked for titles in English and Spanish, specialising in disruptive themes from geopolitics, to AI, to sportswashing.

Alex Blair

Signal: Saudi Arabia to unveil Red Sea International Airport by year-end

Transport and tourism jobs rise as Saudi Arabian Airlines named the first airline to operate at the airport.

Signal: Indian Railways pledges $3.9bn as first female CEO takes charge

Jaya Varma Sinha’s appointment as Chairman and CEO has seen Indian Railway Finance Corporation share prices rise dramatically.

Signal: Mexican government hands control of capital’s airport to military

President Obrador has placed the navy in charge of Mexico City International Airport and acquired bankrupt airline Mexicana de Aviacion.

Signal: jobs for UK transport ticket agents and clerks hit six-month low

As airlines struggle with staff shortages and railway workers contest ticket office closures, UK transport jobs hirings have slumped to their lowest point in 2023.

Filings signal: Boeing positive sentiment rises ahead of Q2 earnings announcement

Analysis indicates a comparatively strengthened financial performance from Boeing in Q2, countertrending years of share volatility and profit deterioration.

Jobs signal: Transport hirings decline over 12 months despite YoY growth

Despite a dip, job hirings in the transport sector have overarchingly increased since the dramatic post-Covid rebound.

Filings signal: Sino-India geopolitical relations dominate transport and infrastructural filings

Geopolitics and emerging economies have been the most prominent themes in 2023 so far.