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Can SAF really usher in a new era of guilt-free flying?

The UK Government is planning to run the first net-zero transatlantic flight in 2023, using SAF.

Strike surge: are ground staff undervalued at airports? 

Travellers in Germany saw hundreds of flight cancelled this March, as security staff at several airports took part in three days of walkouts. This was just one in a wave of strikes, with working conditions and pay grades up for negotiation.

The importance of translation in an airport environment

New York’s JFK airport has partnered with Google to adopt Google Assistant’s Interpreter Mode technology at its Terminal 4 as part of a scheme to break down language barriers. Here is a look at this new technology and more broadly at the importance of being able to communicate easily and confidently in this setting.

Coronavirus screening at airports: the problem with thermal detection

In January this year, several airports around the world started announcing preventive safety measures against the spread of coronavirus. However, the task has proven difficult as thermal screening isn’t always effective at detecting early signs of infection.

Q&A: cracking down on slavery at airports with Slave-Free Alliance

MAG, the owner of Manchester, London Stansted and East Midlands airports, recently joined the Slave-Free Alliance. MAG chief customer officer explains what this new membership entails and how it will help it tackle the risk of modern slavery within its airports.

Talking airport mobility with thyssenkrupp

Not all airports are alike when it comes to mobility solutions. Abi Millar spoke to Inge Delobelle, CEO of thyssenkrupp Access Solutions, to find out more about their technology, which has been rolled out in airports including Dubai, Toronto and Istanbul.

Pathway to the future

Edinburgh Airport has just begun a trial into a new flight path for departing aircraft, allowing planes to take off at one-minute intervals in a bid to increase capacity. The route has been touted as promoting sustainable growth, without the need for costly infrastructure investments. Abi Millar explores what advantages airports might gain from improving local flight paths.