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SITA is the number one ICT provider of integrated IT business solutions and communication services for the air transport industry. SITA works closely with every sector of the air transport community when innovating, developing and managing business solutions over the world's most extensive network, complemented by consultancy in the design, deployment and integration of IT solutions.

Air transport IT applications and services

Almost every airline and airport in the world does business with SITA.

SITA provides the broadest portfolio for the air transport industry, including:

  • Managed global communications, infrastructure and outsourcing services
    • Value-added network services: SITA provides communication services across the world's largest global network in over 200 countries, supporting more than 3,200 customers, 24 hours a day, seven days a week
    • 95% of all international destinations are covered by SITA's extensive network
    • The truly global SITA air transport industry (ATI) cloud is currently pre-connected to 380 airports, 17,000 air transport sites and 15,000 aircraft
  • Services for airline commercial management, passenger operations, flight operations, aircraft operations, air-to-ground communications, airport management and operations, baggage operations, transportation security and border management, cargo operations and more
    • SITA provides IT solutions to airlines, global distribution systems (GDS), major travel management companies, online portals, railway companies and government border-management agencies
    • SITA remains the only provider to deliver an integrated, seamless end-to-end, self-service passenger experience through solutions from check-in (passenger and baggage) to boarding to border security. 1.3 billion passengers have been checked in using SITA's common user terminal equipment (CUTE)
    • SITA provides air-ground communications over an integrated network of more than 1,100 VHF data-link ground stations across more than 160 countries. SITA ensures 13,500 aircrafts are connected using SITA's aircraft communication services with 100 million type-B messages carried per day, 4.6 million flight plans delivered a year
    • SITA enables airlines and airports authorities to cost-effectively manage passenger baggage, including screening, sorting, transportation and successful collection. SITA's WorldTracer is the world's leading baggage tracing network. WorldTracer traces millions of mishandled bags worldwide each year

Integrated airport technology systems

SITA's airport services focus on the complete integration of technology systems at airports. As a result, SITA helps airports collaborate with all stakeholders, from airlines to concessionaires, to increase efficiency, maximize passenger satisfaction and improve financial performance.

SITA has a unique understanding of the complexities of running an airport day to day, and our solutions embrace technologies like business intelligence, near field communication (NFC), beacons and the ATI Cloud. SITA's solutions for passenger and baggage processing, departure and arrival control, terminal management and multimedia display systems set the standards for efficiency to help airports to achieve operational excellence.

  • Passenger management solutions: 5,500 check-in kiosks combined with over 30,000 CUTE workstations deployed in more than 382 airport locations worldwide, checking in more than 1.3 billion passengers
  • Baggage management solutions: SITA baggage systems are installed at more than 70 major airports around the world, including Amsterdam, Barcelona, Cairo, Chicago, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Singapore and Toronto. SITA also provides automated bag drop solutions in Singapore, Melbourne and Brisbane to name a few
  • Airport operations solutions: SITA's Airport Management gives greater control over the airport operations, simplifying their complexity and improving profitability. To date, 25 airports using SITA's digital audio solutions and 90 airports and operators are using SITA resource management and airport operational database (AODB) solutions
  • Passenger flow monitoring: SITA's end-to-end passenger flow monitoring capabilities allow airports to capture and access real-time data at all stages of the passenger journey. Deployed in more than 17 airports, the solution helps reduce security queues and get passengers to their gates quicker, allowing more dwell time and increasing retail sales
  • Infrastructure and communications solutions: SITA's airport reach over shared MPLS at more than 350 airports and aggregated private MPLS deployed across 180 airports enables the use of Wi-Fi and Gatelink. 64 airports are connected to AirportHub Wireless and 400 airports have a shared infrastructure
  • Border control and security solutions: SITA's iBorders Border Management software is the most comprehensive solution available in the current market. From the provision of traveller information (iBorders TravelerData) and the analysis of complex data sets for risk assessment (iBorders RiskManagement) to providing complete situational awareness of every aspect of border operations (iBorders BorderOperations), iBorders enables governments to transform border security and ensure the country stays open for legitimate travel, tourism and trade. The iBorders portfolio is the most widely deployed border security portfolio currently available worldwide with deployments in 23 countries.

Air traffic control services

SITA AIRCOM's air traffic control services enables air traffic service (ATS) providers implementing data-link applications to connect to the AIRCOM network, offering data and voice communications with SITA AIRCOM customer's aircraft. More than 1,500 customer-aircraft use SITA's advanced future air navigation system avionics, enabling pilots to use data-link instead of voice.

SITA is currently focussing on supporting the transition of air traffic management from an analogue to a digital communication, navigation and surveillance infrastructure. This includes controller pilot data link communications (CPDLC) and automatic dependent surveillance broadcast (ADS-B).

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SITA provide the world's leading baggage tracking network, WorldTracer, used by over 450 of the world's largest airlines and ground handlers at more than 2,800 airport locations.
SITA's reservations system boards more than 126 million passengers a year, and is now used by around 165 airlines worldwide
SITA is the market leader for IT solutions to more than 1,000 airports and related customers worldwide.
SITA's transportation security solutions include border management, which encompasses biographic and biometric capabilities, as well as communication services.
More than 13,500 commercial aircraft, belonging to more than 150 airlines, use SITA's aircraft data-link service.
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