Frequentis has received a contract from Vietnam Air Traffic Management (VATM) Southern Regional Air Traffic Services (ATS) to deliver its smartFPLconverter (FPL2012 Converter) for installation at the Ho Chi Minh Area and Approach Control Center.

VATM had awarded the contract to comply with ICAO’s new flight plan format and associated ATS messages, which is going to be in force from 15 November 2012.

With the successful completion of factory acceptance tests, the smartFPLconverter will be installed as a turnkey project with scheduled delivery in 60 days.

Based on the company’s smartMessenger, an ATS message handling system (AMHS), the smartFPLconverter interconnects to the existing flight data processing and flight plan handling systems through standard communication interfaces.

Frequentis said that the FPL2012 Converter can be deployed either as a national gateway or as one system (FDP) gateway.

The interconnection is expected to enable the air navigation service providers (ANSP) to comply with the Amendment 1 of ICAO 4444.

The system is expected to perform bi-directional conversion between the existing and new FPL format, and allows distribution of messages within 24 hours prior to the estimated off blocks time (EOBT) / DOF in the flight plan message.

The destination dependant conversion (DDC) database feature of the smarFPLconverter will assist the system in handling handle variations in the flight plan formats in compliance to various versions of the 2012 format.

According to Frequentis, the database allows local personnel to make changes following the implementation of new FPL format.