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Sydney Airport in Australia has unveiled its ‘2013 Preliminary Draft Master Plan’, which targets doubling passenger handling capacity to 74 million per year by 2033, without any modifications to runways, curfews or the current flight cap.

Scheduled to be submitted to the Australian Government by late 2013, the draft plan focuses on the integration of the airport terminal and improvement of transport to the airport.

The concept plan involves developing the airport into two integrated terminal precincts, with international, domestic and regional services in each, which is expected to improve efficiency and enable passenger transfers between services under the same roof.

Sydney Airport chief executive officer Kerrie Mather said that the two integrated terminal precincts each with international, domestic and regional services, will vastly improve the experience for passengers transferring between regional and international or domestic services.

"Sydney Airport has invested more than $2 billion in improved passenger facilities and capacity since 2002 and we will be continuing to invest significantly to support the implementation of this master plan to facilitate the 74.3 million passengers a year forecast to be using the airport by 2033," Mather said.

"The draft plan focuses on the integration of the airport terminal and improvement of transport to the airport."

The plan also calls for a one-way ring-road for the T2/T3 precinct and a new five-lane road and a bus and multi-use parking facility by 2018, which the airport considers would significantly improve traffic flow.

"The plan will encourage greater use of public transport with the creation of new bus and multipurpose parking facilities," Mather said.

"We also continue to advocate for new and more affordable bus and train services to the airport."

Sydney airport initially revealed a concept plan in December 2011, and the new draft plan involves more than 18 months of consultation with airport stakeholders and the New South Wales Government on developing an improved ground transport solution.

The new master plan played down the requirement of a second airport in the Australian city.

Image: The 2013 Preliminary Draft Master Plan will be on public exhibition for the following 60 working days, with submissions allowed until 30 August 2013. Image: courtesy of Sydney Airport.