Greater Orlando Aviation Authority’s (GOAA) in the US has singed an agreement with ITT Exelis to upgrade noise and flight tracking systems with its Symphony EnvironmentalVue virtual noise monitors (VNMs) and a real-time NextGen data feed.

The new systems have been incorporated into GOAA’s existing Exelis Noise and Operations Monitoring System (NOMS) solution that will assist airports in the region with tracing and deal with aircraft noise levels in the surrounding communities.

GOAA assistant director of operations Cyrus Callum said that these enhancements to the agency’s noise and operations monitoring system make it a good neighbour to the community.

"We will use this tracking data to further enhance our noise abatement procedures for the benefit of the communities that surround our airport system, while promoting the economic benefits of air commerce and tourism to the Orlando area," Callum said.

VNMs enable the deployment of a similar prediction model to the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to analyse aircraft-only noise above residential areas.

Following the deployment of new upgraded systems, GOAA is able to create procedures to reduce noise in the community within safety and operational needs in the surrounding area of Orlando International and Orlando Executive Airports.

ITT Exelis Information Systems Commercial Aviation Solutions principal Ted Carniol said that the latest enhancement to GOAA’s NOMS advances the Authority’s goals of being a leader among US airports.

"These enhancements to the agency’s noise and operations monitoring system make it a good neighbour to the community."

"It is a testament to the dedication of the all-volunteer Aviation Noise Abatement Committee, in cooperation with GOAA, to continually enhance its investments in aircraft noise and flight tracking monitoring," Carniol said.

The NextGen surveillance feed will generate geo-referenced flight tracks with maximised update rates and fidelity over single conventional radar, FAA said.

The deployment of NextGen data feed is offering GOAA with a blend of FAA’s various existing surveillance sources with resultant data from the US Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) network which is currently being installed by Exelis.

The surveillance sources of FAA include terminal and en route radar, airport surface detection equipment, Model X, (ASDE-X) and wide-area multi-lateration.