OSlo airport

Security firm G4S has received a contract from Oslo Airport in Norway to provide security services, ranging from cargo checks to gates and ground security, within the airport’s perimeter.

As part of the £250m contract, which runs until 2019, the services offered by the security firm would include security checks for all crew, goods, cargo and the whole airport, which has a passenger handling capacity of 21.1 million per year.

Oslo airport executive director Nic Nilsen said that the contract will create an airport that is safe and efficient for all its passengers.

"Together with G4S, we are looking forward to further improving our services and maintaining the excellent provision we already have," Nilsen added.

The airport’s redevelopment programme also includes expansion of terminal space by 117,000m², which incorporates a new pier and baggage handling facility, supporting its capacity maximisation plans by 2017.

Started in 2011, the expansion plans will require an investment of €700m.

"The contract will create an airport that is safe and efficient for all its passengers."

Working in collaboration with OSL since 2008, G4S will also be responsible for various key facilities, including provision of security service for all outdoor gates and grounds.

G4S claims that passengers of Oslo Airport will be able to move across G4S security in five minutes or less.

Featuring two parallel runways of 2,950m and 3,600m, 64 check-in counters, 71 aircraft stands and 34 passenger bridges and five commuter stands, Oslo Airport is also planning to build a third runway, which is currently on hold until 2030.

G4S has also been offering security services at airports including Brussels, CATSA Canadian Pacific region and Amsterdam Schiphol among many others.

Image: Oslo Airport’s first phase of expansion project is expected to be completed by 2012.