The international scheduled traffic results for October 2009 show slow improvements, according to the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Passenger demand is up 0.5% while international cargo also increased by 0.5% compared with October 2008, which is comparatively better than the 5.4% fall in September this year.

Improvement in load factors for passenger and cargo remain at prerecession levels of 78% and 54.1%, respectively, which has been attributed to capacity management.

The IATA report says the aviation industry is unlikely to catch-up with the growth trend established in the 2005 to early-2008 period.

Passenger capacity, which has remained flat throughout 2009, declined by 3.3% in comparison with 2008 and cargo capacity in October was 7.4% below that of last year.

Cargo capacity adjustments are in part down to a 4.9% reduction in fleets, while passenger fleets continue to expand by 1.8%.

There is a 6% fall reported in aircraft utilisation compared with 2008 levels, which has added to an increase in operating costs.