The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has asked governments and regulators to work alongside the aviation industry to eliminate ineffective security procedures, despite the industry facing an $11bn loss this year.

Airlines currently spend $5.9bn a year on security, however, the IATA says more needs to be done to reduce pressure on the traveller and make systems easier.

The IATA and the Aviation Security Executive Group said they have worked together to frame a five-point strategy for addressing the security challenges faced by the industry.

A threat and risk-managed approach using systems-based measures such as IATA’s security management system (SeMS), which can be integrated into national regulations, is one solution, according to the IATA.

Collaboration of airlines and regulators for effective knowledge transfer on various aspects such as the development and evolution of regulations, operational impact incurred will minimise ineffective duplication of security measures is also required to ensure technologies and innovations enhance future airport security.

This will also help reduce costs and make security more uniform around the world.