O’Hare International Airport in the US has received warnings from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for non-compliance with federal aviation safety laws.

The FAA found the airport violated safety regulations, endangering airplanes during takeoffs and landing phases.

Routine inspections conducted in August by the FAA also found debris on runways, non-compliance with the wildlife hazard management programme and falsified statements in the airport’s self-inspection programme by the Chicago Department of Aviation.

The airport’s new runway was also covered with rocks and construction debris in the safety areas at the ends of the runway in airport’s northern sector, the FAA said.

Depressions on the surface of the new pavement in the safety areas of the new and longest runway also caused issues, along with unqualified, untrained staff, record-keeping problems, garbage removal, and lapses in recurrent airfield driver training and testing.

Most of the violations have been corrected since the inspection, and the airport said that it planned to train staff with instructional videos on inspections.