Portuguese airport operator ANA Aeroportos de Portugal SA has awarded a €31.5m order to logistics solutions provider Siemens Mobility to extend the baggage handling system at Lisbon Airport in Portugal.

The project includes two output units for oversized baggage, five baggage reclaim carousels and 56 new check-in counters.

The expanded system will feature four transfer lines that will measure a total of 8,500m in length, seven baggage carousels, 50 chutes, and one pre-sorting and two automatic distribution rings.

The order also involves electrical and mechanical installation, alongside providing the Simatic control software.

The current baggage handling system is being updated as the airport expects passenger figures to surge annually to 18 million by 2017.

The upgraded system will be able to handle 8,400 baggage items an hour.

The order is scheduled for completion by the start of 2011.