John F Kennedy International Airport in the US has commenced the $376.3m rehabilitation of runway 13-31.

As part of JFK delay reduction programme’s second phase, the renovation will enhance airport operations and decrease delays.

Project work includes widening the runway to 200ft from the current 150ft and integration of new electrical infrastructure and drainage system.

The project will also offer accommodation for potential navigational aids and delay reduction taxiways.

Improvements to taxiways, including holding pads for departing aircraft and high-speed exits for landing aircraft, will allow planes to sidestep other aircraft held on the tarmac.

The rehabilitation work is likely to decrease annual flight deferrals by nearly 10,500 hours.

The renovation will generate 1,500 ancillary and 1,000 direct jobs for direct construction work, operation of aeronautical lighting, concrete and asphalt production and food services.