Iceland’s Keflavík International Airport has selected the Cem AC2000 access control system to increase its security management.

The CEM AC2000 features dual redundant servers, elevator control and an integrated CCTV.

The system offers door-level intelligence for more than 300 doors using CEM xProx 200 MiFare smart card readers and CEM S600e fingerprint readers.

The xProx 200 readers contain a keypad, an LCD display and internal database for card verification at the door for high system stability.

Tyco Fire & Security’s CEM products business development officer Andrew Fulton said the company would perform various customisations to the system in order to render it suitable for the airport.

Customisations include a ‘Schengen door mode’, which segregates passengers according to their country standing in the European Schengen Federation, as well as a ‘panic door mode’ for emergencies.

CEM has also created a tailored online pass application to enhance operational efficiency at the airport’s ID pass unit. Users can request for a temporary or permanent ID via the internet.