In an effort to reduce runway incidents, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is evaluating the Sensis low-cost ground surveillance (LCGS) programme.

The LCGS pilot programme aims to reduce runway incursions at small and medium-sized airports by providing basic ground surveillance of runways and taxiways to air traffic controllers.

The FAA has awarded contracts to several companies to demonstrate proposed solutions at the airport.

The FAA could select one or more systems for deployment and operation at airports in the National Airspace System (NAS) based on results of these demonstrations.

The Sensis solution leverages the FAA’s airport surface detection equipment model X (ASDE-X) runway safety programme already available at US airports.

The technology will use the same solid-state surface movement radar improved (SMRi) sensor and the same air traffic control display.

Sensis’s solution meets the specifications of the National Air Traffic Controllers Association and supports the cost-effective integration of additional sensors including multilateration, ADS-B and terminal radar.

The LCGS system can also be easily upgraded with the state-of-art conflict detection and alerting technology, ASDE-X Safety Logic.