Bahrain International Airport (BIA) is installing a new explosives detection system (EDS) that will scan passengers’ baggage.

Already operational in some passage areas, once installation is complete the EDS will save lot of time during security check-ins.

The new EDS will manage 3,000 pieces of baggage an hour, thereby eliminating the need for conventional X-ray machines.

Pre-check-in baggage-scanning times will be reduced as the bags will go into automated machines and be checked electronically.

Security officials will screen baggage in five stages.

In the first step, baggage enters the machine for screening, if something is found to be suspicious, a electronic check will be carried out as phase two.

The third stage will involve human intervention by an airport official, if doubts are still not resolved then the passenger will be called in for questioning.

If anything suspicious is found then the baggage will be destroyed in the fifth phase.