Heathrow International Airport in the UK has awarded a contract to Artesis to supply and install motor condition monitor (MCM) systems on critical escalators across four terminal buildings.

In the first phase of the project, MCM devices were installed on the most critical escalators and passenger conveyors after successful tests and evaluation trials in order to offer predictive maintenance and avoid breakdown of the equipment.

BAA project manager Barry Auty said that they have set up a dedicated taskforce, the remit of which is to implement maintenance technologies and information processes.

“The taskforce evaluated several technologies to diagnose faults on airport equipment including escalators and conveyors, and the Artesis MCM system proved to be the most cost-effective, simple-to-use and efficient solution that met our stringent requirements,” Auty saiud.

The compact, easy-to-install MCM systems incorporate intelligent GPRS modem technology that provides wireless communications to maintenance management for monitoring and alerting during potential faults in the machinery.

In addition to prevent equipment breakdown, the systems will also provide benefits such as ability to identify real-time information on passenger load flow, while monitoring energy consumption of the machines and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

This monitoring solution uses unique mathematical modelling to capture diagnostic information within the motor currents and detects machinery faults.

The system provides a diagnosis of mechanical and electrical problems and indicates the severity of the fault.

This method of highlighting potential failures and providing diagnostics in advance to avoid secondary equipment damage significantly reduces any possible downtime and drives down maintenance costs.