The National Transportation Safety Board in the US is investigating two Cleveland runway incursions from last month, it has been revealed.

The most recent runway incursion occurred on 26 June during which the tower developmental controller cleared Express Jet 2426 to take off from runway 24L at taxiway S in order to depart from runway 24R.

Approximately 19 seconds later, the same controller cleared CommutAir 8717, a DH8, for take off on the same runway.

The Express Jet crew, on sighting the CommutAir 8717, informed the tower controller that they would not cross the runway as the CommutAir flight took off at about 1,500ft.

In another incident, a runway incursion occurred on 3 June when a B-737 was cleared by a developmental controller from the same runway on which an E-145 was cleared and entering for take-off.

The E-145 crew saw the B737 and alerted the tower controller. The two aircrafts came around 500ft of each other on runway 6L, avoiding the collision.

The same developmental controller was involved in both incidents.