Singapore’s Changi International Airport is implementing the passengers with reduced mobility (PRM) module and additional enhancements to the integrated iTrek wireless application to streamline airport operations.

This upgrade in the UFIS resource management system (RMS) by UFIS Airport Solutions (UFIS-AS) will support Singapore Airport Terminal Services (SATS) for better managing ground handling operations and in-flight catering service.

iTrek wireless application enhancements include showing equipment lists on handheld devices that enables SATS to extend its apron service delivery framework.

Additional enhancements include the introduction of the iTrek apron service report (ASR) on the handheld devices.

Other enhancements will improve the communication and working relationship between the apron and baggage sections.

SATS, which tracks all requests and staffs assignments for passengers in need of special assistance, began the initial UFIS project in 2003 with an aim to bring additional enhancements to the system.

The iTrek application was introduced in 2007 and focuses more on using WAP wireless mobile phones provided by partner iDen/DNS.

UFIS has installed the airport operational database (AODB), basic data processing systems, a flight information processing system (FIPS), a resource management system (RMS), as well as hub, status and ULD management systems in Singapore’s Changi Airport.

11 interfaces connected to external systems are also a part of the system.

The UFIS PRM application is already used in Rome, Athens and Hanover Airports.