New Orleans International Airport in the US will receive $30m for interior-exterior renovation under a $350m airport improvement programme that will modernise the airport’s facilities.

The interior-exterior renovation funds will be raised from the $4.50 fee levied on each passenger.

The interior works, such as improvements to the flight information display system, will cost $21m, while $9m will be for exterior upgrade.

The airport is also planning to build a $114m rental-car facility with 1,800 parking spaces, which is expected to be complete by 2012.

In addition, the airport will spend $40.5m expanding concourse D by six gates also adding new food and retail stores and restrooms.

The west terminal will be extended by five gates that include ticket counters, security screening and baggage facilities at a cost of $34m, mostly collected from passenger fees.

The airport will also receive $10.5m federal fund to construct a new fire station at the airport, while local airport funds will pay for a $3m administrative building.

The total amount collected from the federal grants and passengers fees will be spent in replacing the baggage handling system in the east and west terminals of the airport at a cost of $45m.

The airport will add two lanes one in each direction to provide the airport with a north entrance via Aberdeen Street with construction to start in 2010. The airport will spend $5.5m from its own funds.

The projects are expected to be complete before Super Bowl 2013, a crowd-pulling football league game to be held in New Orleans.