Frankfurt International Airport has applied to become airport carbon accredited

The voluntary airport carbon accreditation programme assesses and recognises airports’ efforts to manage and reduce CO2 emissions.

Announced at the launch of the carbon emissions programme during the 19th ACI Europe Annual Congress in Manchester, the airport says that it will seek combined efforts with airlines, air traffic controllers, ground handlers and others for this purpose.

31 European airports have already applied for airport carbon accreditation and more applicants are expected in the months ahead.

Airport carbon accreditation consists of four levels – mapping, reduction, optimisation and neutrality and will be administered by leading consultancy WSP Environmental.

Fraport executive board vice chairman Stefan Schulte said that airport carbon accreditation programme will validate the efforts and give more voice to the actions the airport was undertaking to minimise FRA‘s impact on the environment.

Fraport will also be developing a stakeholder engagement plan to involve the various airport partners in the common goal of reducing FRA’s CO2 emissions.

“Reducing CO2 emissions per passenger and per 100kg of freight by 30% by 2020 is a strategic goal that Fraport is vigorously pursing,” Schulte said.

The future Terminal 3 at the airport will be designed as an ‘eco terminal’ and will benefit from geothermal energy, photovoltaic technology or other environmental technologies.