Manchester Airport in the UK will be the first to launch recycle zones that will dispose of an estimated 200t of waste from the terminals each year.

The initiative, in association with Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) and WRAP (the waste and resources action programme), aims to recycle one million plastic bottles and paper used by the 20 million passengers travelling through the airport annually.

Manchester is the first airport to initiate this modern scheme, which is part of ongoing roll-out of recycling projects across the airport.

The airport has implemented 125 bins, specially designed by Wybone, at terminals and departure gates.

This scheme not only encourages passengers, but also helps them to think about recycling as part of their everyday life.

Coca-Cola Enterprises vice president Erika Coghlan said that people have increased their recycling at home and at work, but it was less convenient to recycle when you were ‘on the go’.

“Recycle zones make it easy for people to choose to recycle, precisely when they need to – just when they’ve finished their drink,” Coghlan added.

CCE is planning to launch recycle zones at various major tourist destinations, shopping centres and other international hubs such as Edinburgh Airport by 2011.