Valley International Airport (VIA) in the US will receive $997,500 from the Federal Airport Administration (FAA) as a part of the administration’s $11m investment in airport expansion.

The grant approved this year will be used to overlay the delta taxiway pavement, bravo pavement and add lights on the runways, The Brownsville Herald reports.

Delta taxiway pavement is about 60 years old, whereas bravo taxiway pavement is 15 years old.

The airport will spent approximately $650,000 for a GIS-based detailed mapping system at the airport.

VIA is one of six airports in the US chosen for a GIS grant.

Earlier the FAA approved around $1.3m for runway lighting and taxiway pavement improvements and $4m for concrete work on the north side of the terminal building, reports the website quoting a senior official of the airport.

The official further stated that the airport has also received $2m for concrete repairs and improvements on the south side of the terminal.