Newark Liberty International Airport in the US has installed Accu-Sort’s AXIOM barcode scanning systems to increase the accuracy of baggage sortation and reduce the risk of lost luggage.

The project is a part of airport’s baggage handling facility upgrade and it offers high read rates, integration with a tilt-tray sorter, low installation and maintenance costs, and has the ability to monitor scanner performance.

The scanner reads barcodes up to 56in away at up to 1,120 scans a second in order to minimises no-reads and the cost of manual barcode reading.

The company says that the baggage handling system has to be highly efficient because the barcode can be anywhere while passing through the high-speed airport conveyor system.

The laser scanners use several technologies including embedded processor, omni-directional scanners, plug-and-play component replacement, high read rates, high reliability and remote monitoring.

Accu-Sort baggage scanning systems are used in various airports in Europe, Asia, Australia and the US, including airports in California, Pennsylvania, Alaska, North Carolina, Missouri and New Jersey.