Dusseldorf Airport has opened its new state-of-art hanger 7 at the east of the terminal for airline maintenance.

The hangar is approximately 220 meters long and 90 meters deep, allowing it to hand three long-haul aircraft type A340-600 or Boeing 787 Dreamliners, and is equipped with new state-of-art technology.

It has an additional two-storey building for storage space, recreation and common rooms and a four-storey office block for the technical equipment in the basement section.

The hanger consists of floor pits, floor heating systems, door air duct, two craneways for transportation of propulsion units and empennages with most advanced fire technology.

The building has also been build with environmental concerns in mind. It feeds 2,737,442kWh of power into the public power supply, saving 2,475 tons of CO2.

It is also installed with a new photovoltaic system on the top of the hanger.

The new hanger will increase the Dusseldorf Airport’s maintenance business.

The joint venture of Ed. Züblin AG and the Claus Queck GmbH has invested about €65m in the construction of hanger 7.