J Randolph ‘Randy’ Babbitt has been nominated as administrator of the US Federal Aviation Administration by US President Barrack Obama.

Randy was the president and CEO of the Airline Pilots Association.

This is seen as a step forward in upgrading air traffic control and increasing the efforts to execute the next-generation programmes.

In 2000 Randy was appointed as the FAA’s management advisory council by then-President Bill Clinton.

AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL ASSOCIATION president Peter Dumont said: “The nation has been in critical need of an FAA administrator that understands labour, Nextgen, budgets, Congress, safety, large organisations and air traffic control.”

As reported by FAA, Randy is an aviation expert and is also partner at international aviation consulting firm Oliver Wyman. He also worked with an independent review team of aviation and safety experts to scrutinise the FAA’s approach to aviation safety systems.