Newark Liberty Airport will be the first airport in the US to adopt new satellite navigation system that will replace the World War Two era radar technology currently in use.

The New Jersey-based airport will replace the aged radar technology with a navigation system that uses data obtained from satellites and ground-based antennas instead.

The system referred to as ground-based augmentation prevents signals from being blocked by obstacles such as buildings and mountains and also allows aircraft to take curving approaches rather than being limited to taking a straight line.

This should compress flight paths, resulting in faster flight times, less airport delays and fuel savings for airlines.

An official from the FAA said, however that full implementation was a long while away.

“Whereas this project cost just a few million, implementing the system countrywide will take a massive investment of billions of US dollars,” the official said.

The programme, which is a collaboration between the New York New Jersey Port Authority, the federal aviation Administration, Continental Airlines and Honeywell International is expected to be in use within the next 12 months.

By Daniel Garrun.