The global market for airport airside services is estimated to reach over $42.8bn by the year 2017, according to a new report by Global Industry Analysts.

Airport airside services will be boosted by globalisation, rising air passenger traffic and international trade.

According to the report, the airport airside services market is broadly segmented by Ramp Handling and other services.

Ramp handling, accounting for a major share of the global market, comprises baggage handling, freight and mail handling parking, aircraft cleaning and other activities.

Air travel is predicted to grow at a robust growth rate in these regions through 2020, well above the world average growth rate of about 5% and Asia-Pacific and Middle East are projected to be the main growth hubs in terms of traffic increase.

The Asian region led by growth in China, India, Singapore and Australia, is forecast to grow at a combined annual growth rate (CAGR) of about 6.0% through 2017.

The US represents the single largest market for airport airside services, as stated by the new research report on Airport Airside Services.