Indra to deliver new ATC consoles to Oman

31 May 2012 (Last Updated May 31st, 2012 18:30)

Indra will provide Muscat and Salalah with new air traffic control (ATC) stations to increased air traffic volumes.

muscat airport

Indra will provide Muscat and Salalah with new air traffic control (ATC) stations to increased air traffic volumes.

The delivery is part of a contract Indra signed with Oman's Ministry of Transport and Communications in 2010, which runs until 2014.

The systems will feature a 56in high-resolution screen that eliminates the need to display data on different monitors.

It will allow controllers to quickly access flight plan data, radar information, manage communications and consult meteorological information, in addition to flight documents and data.

Indra said that the system adapts route and approach functions to eliminate the Oman's air navigation service provider's need to buy different stations for each post, which makes them flexible to adapt their requirements whenever needed.

The system displays the data in a virtual environment, without any visual distractions and facilitates access and decision making.

Each controller will be provided with an individual username and password to access their personal configuration. The station then identifies their role and provides them with their work area configuration.

The control station's open architecture will ensure the easy adaption of technological developments and future changes, as well as incorporating new software versions or information from other sources without affecting the system.

The interoperability concept will allow air traffic management (ATM) systems to frequently exchange information with systems and control centres from other countries involved in air operations.

Under the contract, the company is also implementing a common ATM advanced automation system for all the airports and control centres, as well as renewing land-air voice communication systems and implementing a complete meteorological system in Oman.

Indra will also equip Muscat and Salalah airports with guidance and runway movement monitoring systems.

Image: Indra will install guidance and runway movement monitoring systems at Muscat airport. Photo: courtesy of Reubentg.