Bahrain Airport Company (BAC) began the management and operation of Bahrain International Airport on 1 March 2010.

BAC will work to create an aviation hub and unify the goals of the entities that form Bahrain International Airport, according to

BAC’s acting chairman Kamal Ahmed said the new management structure is designed to create streamlined processes in order to deliver a comfortable airport environment to all users and partners of Bahrain International Airport.

BAC will manage the airport operations department, engineering and planning department, and information and communication technology department.

In addition, the company will be responsible for the commercial and investments department, human capital and support services department, finance department, and the branding and communications department.

BAC CEO Osama Al Ali said a comprehensive action plan has been set for Bahrain International Airport, including the modernisation and expansion of the airport infrastructure as well as the optimisation of operations efficiencies.