Cavotec MSL has been awarded a €4.1m contract to install advanced ground support equipment at commercial and military airports in the US and Qatar.

New Doha International Airport (NDIA) in Qatar, and the US’s Las Vegas McCarran International Airport and the USAF will receive the equipment.

NDIA will obtain 36 pop-up pit units, 11 of which will be installed on the cargo apron with the remaining 25 being placed on remote parking positions.

Las Vegas McCarran International Airport’s Terminal 3 will receive 56 fuelling assemblies through the appointed contractor, Tab Contractors.

Equipment including fuel hydrants, test stations, and high and low-point vent and vault access pit assemblies, are part of the fuelling assemblies.

The USAF will receive a complete fuel system along with fuel hydrant pit assemblies, low-point drain pit assemblies, and high-point vent pit assemblies through Rockford Corporation, which has been appointed as the contractor for the project.